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    Nigel Royall 3. 2. 2012 20:32
    sorry to contact you in English.
    Super Schwarzlose photo's, I am trying to find out details of the water cooling tank (steam chest) shown in the last picture.
    Would it be possible to have more details of the top area, for example is there some kind of lid and a filler cap? What are the main dimensions?
    I believe that there is some kind of space for the rubber tube to be stored in.
    Pictures of these tanks are so rare on the internet that any help would be fantastic,
    thank you in advance,
    • Re: [email protected]

      Martin Vlach 1. 10. 2012 09:28
      first - thank you a lot :-)
      It is only very few references to the water cooling tank on the internet or in the books.
      One webpage (in czech of course): pda.ropiky.net/clanek.php?id=1083677149 or you can go to the full version of that article with two photos, but the URL is hidden, so you must go to ropiky.net, click on Lehké opevnění > Výstroj a vybavení > Nádržka na vodu.
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