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  • Re: Not only Mí­stek??

    Stefan Dölling 27. 1. 2009 18:33
    Allow me to answer to the question of german losses of the "Sudetendeutsches Freikorps". Since I can`t speak Czech, I will answer in english. There are several sources that detail the actions and losses of the "Freikorps" in 1938. The most important one with regards to combat losses is the final report of Lieutenant Colonel Köchling, liasion officer between the "Freikorps" and the OKW. He states that by the date of October, 1st, 19:00 hours, the "freecorps" had had the following losses:

    52 KIA (killed)
    65 WIA (wounded)
    19 MIA (missing)

    he further states, that the "Freikorps" killed 110 Czech citizens, wounded 50 and abducted 2029.

    You can look that up in the appendix to the Nuernberg War Crimes Tribunal (IMC), where Köchlings report is printed as Document EC-366.

    regards, Stefan
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