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    Njall - Poland 10. 12. 2008 14:13
    "I think that the "Czech ambush in Izera Mountains" with "71 killed WH soldiers" is a myth, I've never heard about something like that."

    In my opinion - this is myth, becouse I don't found any sources about this ambush.

    "The minimal numbers of Czech losses in fights with Germans, Hungarians or Poles are:
    - 171 KIA
    - 404 WIA"

    Enemies casualties:
    Germany: KIA 68 members of Sudetenfreikorps and minimum 18 Wehrmacht soldiers (14 III 1939). Mayby during fights in september/october 1938 was killed some soldiers from Grenzschutz and Wehrmacht
    Hungary: KIA 72 soldiers and 244 WIA (march 1939)
    Poland: KIA 4 soldiers (2 KIA near Čadca and 2 KIA near Ždiar).
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